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Reading Prahlad Kakar's Adman-Madman: Unapologetically Prahlad

I usually do not write about books, while I am reading them. You don't know which direction it will go. But I will make an exception in the case of Prahlad Kakar's Adman-Madman : Unapologetically Prahlad.

Prahlad Kakar Biography
Adman - Madman: Unapologetically Prahlad

Advertising has always fascinated me. Ad men even more so. If only there was a way, we could take a peek inside their minds to understand how they think! Well, the closest is reading their biographies.

I read Pandeymonium: Piyush Pandey On Advertising a few years ago, and I started with Adman Madman just a few days ago. When it comes to the greatest ad people, I have come to this realisation - what shapes their work is the insane amount of life experiences they go through. And I am not just talking about work experiences - but everything that happens to them from the day they are born. They have this innate ability to take all these experiences which inform their work.

From studying in a verdant Doon Valley school, moving to a Sainik school in the arid plains; being a sore thumb in college but not being apologetic about it; starting as a clueless adult, but uncompromising in what he wanted to do - have fun at work - what work, he didn't know; starting at the very bottom of the food chain at ASP, and so on!

I am about 30% into the book so far, and I am absolutely gobsmacked with the wiiiiiiiiiiiddddddde life changing experiences PK has had.

More later!

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